Freak-A-Zoidz – Freakquency (Mixtape) [Download]


The first official mixtape by the Freak-A-Zoidz – completely FREE!!! We'd like to thank 2 Tall Entertainment for helping us mix and master the entire tape! But even more, we'd like to thank all of our supporters and everyone who has truly believed in us and our music – you are the very reason we were able to pull this off! So hit that download button, kick back, relax, get yourself some popcorn and a delicious coke, and enjoy the sho…. on second thought.. get your popcorn first.. yeah that makes more sense.. otherwise you'd have to get up twice.. that would be stupid.. and a waste of time. And now that we're at it.. don't get a coke either.. the mixtape is like at least an hour long, and you know what they say about too much soda…

Oh… oh you don't? uhhm well.. the thing about too much soda.. is like.. its got allot of sugar and stuff.. and like.. it could maybe make you need to go to the bathroom.. so you'd have to get up i saw this thing on tv the other night., and they were like „did you know that an average bottle of coke has 15 sugar cubes in it?“, and i was like „no waaaay“.. i mean.. thats allot of cubes.. soo.. . yeeahh.. ..We hope you enjoy the Freakquency! 😀 (Text: Freak-A-Zoidz)

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